Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two wrongs don't make it right

Implications from the recent research showing a shifting probability skew for male homosexuality based the number of preceding male children carried to term by the child's mother (as covered in the LA Times):

(a) No wonder that Catholics are more tolerant than Evangelicals!

(b) It makes sense that, from an evolutionary perspective, homosessuality is a luxury (i.e., its likelihood increases as population expands faster than the replacement rate).

(c) "42% of Americans consider homosexuality to be a lifestyle choice" and these people are less supportive of homosessual marriage than people who think homosexuality is biologically determined. Who would guess that bisexuals are opposed to gay rights? What a marvelously confused political landscape.

(d) Liberals and evangelicals are both on the wrong side of the issue: By opposing birth control, liberals could increase the consensus for gay rights. By expanding abortions and limiting family size, evangelicals could decrease the percentage of gays in the population.


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