Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Is it coming from God, or the other place?

In evaluating the quality of an thinker, the only significant question is whether their moral system drives them to concrete behaviors that negatively affect their interests. Is there anything more boring than seeing the chest-puffing primate drive for dominance wrap itself in intellectual clothing? On the surface, self-asserters have all the fun: They promote their interests and experience a giddy smirking pleasure at the moment when, after feeling the divine light trying to shine through the hole in their argument, they deliberately distract their interlocutors from following that hole to the light.

But, even without believing that Satanic behavior earns eternal Satanic company, every time a person ignores the divine light that contradicts their interests, their physical body ages and their face becomes slightly contorted. Observing this process, whether in "business" people, feminist intellectuals, or foreign policy wonks, is heart-wrenching.


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