Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If we accept the Economist's recent theory on the foundation of religiosity -- namely, that many people have an evolutionarily useful genetic propensity to believe that that they are being observed even with no human observer present, and that the religious leap of faith is not a leap of faith in positing an observer, but rather in identifying the percieved observer as a loving/vengeful/demonic entity -- then it quickly follows that the patronizing condescension of a Bible-based Christian is a violation of the Kantian categorical imperative, and that one effect of our large scale society is that people have an easier time finding genetic matches for breeding, and random genetic diversity in the general population is replaced by diverse genetically similar subpopulations. This is often cited as a factor in the increase of autism, but it is an equal factor in the "culture wars", and the fact that the different sides of the science versus religion debate are genetically different clans.


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