Monday, November 17, 2008

You don't need ayawasca to see this future

So what does the future hold?

Government bailouts increase the deficit;
Chinese stimulus packages and domestic infrastructure investment reduce their appetite for Treasury notes;
business is crowded from the credit markets, so government steps in with direct loans to businesses;
the deficit increases, further crowding private businesses from the credit markets;
a system that is neither socialist nor capitalist, where the government, in order to preserve the fiction of solvency, it makes easy credit available for the nearly bankrupt citizenry, who use the credit to maintain their debts, to perpetuate the shells of companies;
moves to nativism -- American taxpayers are subsidizing the formerly-international corporations, so the economic multiplier effects of those jobs should benefit the taxpayer base;
homeland security expands its grip, and public discussions of economic reality become a "threat to the homeland" -- censorship is put in place, because an attack on the United States credit rating is seen as more significant and more terroristic than leveling a couple of buildings;

At that point it gets somewhat cloudy... President Palin was the simulacra -- but who will be the real thing?



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