Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sing a song for unsung heroes!

There is a generous impulse behind most artists, but that impulse is coupled with a desire to bask in social adulation and attract attention.  Movies, recordings and books allow us to appreciate artistry and accept their gifts without the emotional complexity of dealing directly with artists.

People who run film societies have absence of drama in the purity of their generosity -- like librarians, they eagerly to match patrons with enjoyable experiences.  The projectionist's patient attention maintains the audience -- the projectionist becomes a locus for gratitude, and  -- as the officiant in the sacrament -- richly deserves the applause at the end of the movie.

A digitally projected sequences of pixels is not a "Motion Picture" -- there is no picture being replaced by another picture -- I only see a bunch of dots shifting their locations.  It is moving Pixels rather than moving pictures -- and it is as etymologically appropriate to call it a "Film" as it is a dial a number on your cell-phone.


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