Monday, March 10, 2008

Is Hillary playing Hide-the-salami?

Hillary knew she would be running for President, so her tax returns are doubtless a non-issue: the Clintons are probably withholding them in order to dominate the news cycle, and will release them three days before the Pennsylvania primary. If Hillary is world-class ruthless, rather than a mere dime-store villain, those returns will show that she gave a large sums to worthy charities, and in her press conference, she will say: "I try to live the Sermon of the Mount, and give secretly, but my ruthless opponent insists that I expose my benefactions."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is revealing herself to be a thug of Rushmore proportion. Her bankrollers are leaning on the DNC like cartoon goons, extortion, serial resume distortion, Mark Penn, desparate flailing wedge antics, ect ect. Yah, she's dominating the news cycle alright.
Seriously, she could cure cancer and end global warming and she still wouldn't win. She's dangling by two fingers on the edge of a ledge, carrying more baggage than a dozen sherpas and the whole time she's shouting, 'I've got a bomb', or 'he's got a bomb', who can even fucking tell anymore. The only reason she's around is because the media needs a horserace. End of Story. Now how about a post on McCain. Signed, Horatio Alger

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